Office of Research and Innovation(ORI)

Welcome to the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI).

Our research mission is to advance nursing science, educate future nurse scientists, and provide the evidence to advance the health and wellness of our communities. The goal of the ORI is to support our faculty investigators and contribute to the development of our emerging scholars.

About Our Research

KISREAD College of Nursing scholars represent a wide range of disciplines including nursing, medicine, public health,statistics, epidemiology, physiological sciences, and the basic sciences. All are committed to scholarship in the service of improving health, wellness, and quality of life throughout the lifespan. We invite you to explore our scholarship as reflected in our current publications, abstracts of ongoing funded studies, and selected conference presentations.

Kisread® Scientific Research Publications

Kisread® Book Series

Co-Author of the 1st Edition:

Rules of Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases ISBN 950-16-6901-7 - Editorial: Argentine Medical Press - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Author: Ocular Toxicology

ISBN 85-7309-986-0 - Publisher: Revinter - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Author: Diabetic Retinopathy and Treatment Techniques-

ISBN 40-7290-569-1 - Publisher: Laboratorio Thea - Barcelona, Spain

Author: The Macula, Degenerative Changes

ISBN: 978-84-7429-327-2 - Publisher: Glosa - Barcelona, Spain

Author: Practical Manual of Ophthalmology

ISBN: 978-85-372-0339-2 - Publisher: Revinter - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Author: The Vitreous, Embryology, Histology, Anatomy, Phyfisiology and Pathology

ISBN: 978-620-2-11570-4 - Publisher: Editorial Academica Espanola, Madrid, Spain

Author: Stem Cells Therapy: Intravitreal Regenerative Effect

ISBN: 978-620-2-30668-3 - Editorial: Scholars’ Press - Riga, Latvia, European Union

Creator and Director: Retinology Journal

ISBN 22-6220-234-6 - Editorial: OM Laboratory - Lisbon, Portugal

Author: Retinal Vasculopathies - Diagnosis and Treatments -

ISBN: 978-613-9-11701-7 - Editorial Academica Espanola - Madrid, Spain

Author: Retina – What you need to Know Book in edition:

Editorial-Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, England