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Author Guidelines

This guide describes how to prepare contributions for submission. We strongly recommend you read this in full if you have not previously submitted a contribution to AJOSAR Publication. We also suggest that before submission you familiarize yourself with AJOSAR Publication's style and content by reading the journals online, especially if you have not submitted to our journals recently.

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1. Formats for AJOSAR Publication contributions

All the manuscripts should be sent by email as an attachment to relative email address and should be typed in single line spacing and 10 pt.

1.1 Research Articles

Research Articles are innovative reports whose conclusions represent a substantial advance in the understanding of a significant problem and have directly, far-reaching implications. They should have no more than 60 references.

Research articles are typically 3,000~5,000 words of text (including references, notes and captions, or ~5 printed pages) are expected to present a major advance.

Research Articles include an abstract, an introduction, up to six figures or tables, sections with brief subheadings (less than six in total and less than 40 characters). Materials and Methods should usually be included which will also be needed to support the paper's conclusions.

1.2 Short Communication and letters

Short Communication and Letters are short reports of creative research focused on an outstanding finding whose importance means that it will be of interest to scientists in other fields. They should have less than 30 references.

They begin with a fully referenced paragraph, of about 200 words, (definitely no more than 300 words) aimed at readers in other disciplines. The letters (up to ~2500 words including references, notes and captions or ~3 printed pages) should include an abstract, an introductory paragraph, up to four figures or tables. Materials and Methods should usually be included, which should be needed to support the paper's conclusions.

1.3 Reviews

Reviews (up to 4500 words including references, notes and captions) describe new developments of interdisciplinary significance and highlight future directions. They include an abstract, an introduction that outlines the main theme, brief subheadings, and an outline of important unresolved questions. A maximum of 50 references is suggested. Most Reviews are solicited by the editors, but unsolicited submissions may also be considered.

2. Manuscript selection

Manuscripts should be clear and simple so that they are accessible to readers in other disciplines and to readers for whom English is not their first language. Authors are notified of decisions by e-mail or phone. Repeated submissions of the same manuscript will not be acknowledged. AJOSAR Publication treats all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents. Our peer review process is also confidential and identities of reviewers are not released. Research papers that are selected for in-depth review are evaluated by at least two outside referees. Reviewers are contacted before being sent a paper and asked to return comments within 1 to 2 weeks for most papers. We are able to expedite the review process significantly for papers that require rapid assessment. Selected papers are edited to improve accuracy and clarity and for length. Papers cannot be resubmitted over a disagreement on interest or relative merit. If a paper was rejected on the basis of serious reviewer error, resubmission may be considered. In some cases, reviewers are satisfied that a paper's conclusions are adequately supported by the data presented, but the general interest of the findings is not sufficient to justify publication in AJOSAR Publication. In such a case, the authors will be offered the opportunity for publication with additional review required when reviewers have asked for supplementary experiments during revision. In this case again, reviewers and editors may find an appropriately worded version of the paper to be acceptable for publication without further in depth review.

Online Manuscript Submission

Papers published in any of AJOSAR Publication Journals present the findings of significant original research not previously published. Articles submitted to the Journal should meet this criterion and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.Before you submit a manuscript for publication, please be sure to read and follow the author’s guide Submission of a manuscript to AJOSAR Publication implies that its author(s) understand and accept the policies of the journal and have complied with the Instructions for Authors, unless outlined otherwise in the cover letter accompanying the original submission.
NB: If the supplementary file are more than one, put all into a folder and zip the folder.Then you can upload the zip file.

AJOSAR Journal of Social Sciences

AJOSAR Journal of Economics


Aims and Scope

AJOSAR Journal of Economics is an International peer-reviewed Open access journal serving as a platform for debate in all fields of applied economics, business and finance.Particular emphasis is given but not limited to the aspects of the interaction of firms....

AJOSAR Journal of Business Management


Aims and Scope

The primary purpose of the AJOSAR Journal of Business Management is to publish scholarly and empirical research that tests and extend business management theory.A manuscript submitted to AJOSAR must make experimental and theoretical contributions and highlight the.....

AJOSAR Journal of Psychology


Aims and Scope

AJOSAR Journal Of Psychology aims to provide fast access to top-quality peer reviewed papers.The Journal publishes reports of original research in experimental psychology, theoretical presentations, combined theoretical and experimental analyses...

AJOSAR Journal of Sociology and Anthropology


Aims and Scope

AJOSAR Journal of Sociology and Anthropology is an international journal dedicated to reporting on the latest advances in sociology, anthropology and related disciplines. AJOSAR publishes papers,Short Reports- 2 to 5 page papers that report....


Open access

It is an open access journal which means that your paper is available to anyone in the world to download for free directly from the AJOSAR Publication website.

Quality, reputation and high standard of peer review

Fast and unbiased peer review of your manuscript. AJOSAR Publication employs double- blinded peer review process to ensure professional and fair review of your manuscript. All of AJOSAR Publication's journals boast strong Editorial Boards who help with policy and decision-making, and in some cases help with choosing referees and reviewing manuscripts.

Timely dissemination of research findings

The time from submission to a decision being made on a paper can, in many journals, take some months and this is very frustrating for authors. We have one of the fastest turnaround times of any Open Access Journals publisher in the world. Generally peer review is complete within 1-2 weeks and the editor’s decision within 24 hours of this. It is therefore very rare to have to wait more than 3 weeks for a final decision.

High visibility for your work

AJOSAR Publication's Open Access policy ensures high visibility and maximum exposure for your work - anyone with online access can read your article. Top-quality articles inAJOSAR Publication's journals are accessed thousands of times over the course of a month.

You retain copyright, licensing the article under a Creative Commons license

This means that your article can be freely redistributed and reused by yourself and others as long as the article is correctly attributed.

Easy online submissions

Single Step Electronic submission and peer-review makes the whole process of publishing your article simple and efficient.

No space constraints

Publishing online means unlimited space for figures, extensive datasets and video footage, if you like additional coverage.

Splendid Appearance of Journals

Professional formatting of the Journal of AJOSAR Publication exceeds the standards expected by researchers, authors and readers.